The documentation concerning FO-WiFi_Lib.v1.0.0

Copyright:(C)2016 Avnet Silica company
Date:13 november 2013

We made this manual very carefully, but in any case:



The SW is based on STM32F0-Discovery and use the STM Library ver.1.0.0

I developed the SW using KEIL C Compiler free version ( ver. ) but I kept the structure of the STM library so is theoretically possible rebuild my project using:

Atollic, IAR and Tasking.

This SW is certainly not exhaustive but is intended to give you the basic functions to manage the STM WiFi module.

As improvements are recommended to implement error handling more in-depth than is currently implemented.

Before you continue please see this tutorial and read the manual: STM_WiFi_info

See also here: